3 Best Baby Electric Bottle Sterilizers & Dryers

Babies are vulnerable to health risk if they are fed with an unsterilized bottle. There are many germs, and bacteria on bottles, toys, and other items which are around your baby. If your baby takes these unsterilized items in their mouth or you feed milk with unsterilized bottles then health risks may arise. Thus, it is necessary for you to buy a bottle sterilizer and dryer.

1. Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

If you wish to protect your family members from germs and other microbes which may be present in your kitchen then buy only Papablic Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer. It is all in one device which transports the powerful steam-powered sanitization along with hot air-drying expertise so as to keep the pacifiers, baby bottles, teethers, etc clean, dry as well as germ-free.

You need not to follow the complex process so as to operate it! There is a one-time dial timer in this sterilizer which is easy to use as well as allow you to see progress. There are 3 functions available to set in sterilize, dry as well as extra dry mode. There is no need of addition of water in the machine so as to dry the bottle.

The capacity of the sterilizer is large enough to store 11 bottles at a time. There is a removable lid, tall basket and the accessory tray provided so that one can stack the dryer in 3 configurations and clean the sterilizer.

Product Highlights:

  • This sterilizer is able to clean up to 99.9% germs
  • It is having 3 in 1 design which steam, dry as well as clean the item
  • Storing capacity of the sterilizer is large enough

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2. Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Wabi Baby Electric Sterilizer is also a 3 in 1 sterilizer which combines hot air drying, steam sterilization, and storage function to offer your baby the best. This sterilizer is designed for the contemporary and on-the-go parents and it is efficient as well as easy to use it. Open-air-drying is usually related to health risks and is time-consuming. Using this product is easy and less time consuming with no risk to health. You need to push a button in order to sterilize the item and drying it will just take one hour.

The design of this sterilizer is such that it fits in the small space and it can hold up to 8 bottles at a time. This wabi baby sterilizer will help you develop the stress-free environment and with less cleaning time. Thus, you will be able to protect your baby from germs and various health issues which otherwise may arise. The items which you can sterilize are teething toys, sippy cups, breast pumps, medicine feeding tools and so on.

Product Highlights:

  • Provided with auto shut off the system
  • Have large storage capacity
  • Easy to operate

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3. Bellababy Baby Bottles Sterilizer & Dryer with Anion Function Cyclone Drying and LCD Display

Bellababy Automatic Bottles Sterilizer & Dryer is very suitable for use as it has a large storage capacity. At one time you can sterilize 8 bottles, pacifiers, and nipples. The sterilizer works by releasing the anions and then sterilizing as well as cleaning the bottles completely. Also, it is easy to dry bottles and other items in a sterilizer by its cyclong drying feature. The items which you had sterilized will dry within a short period.

There is an LCD provided which shows the time as well as other functions clearly. Also, there is an automatic shut off system thus, once disinfection is completed the sterilizer shuts off automatically and so you need not to keep eye on it.

Product Highlights:

  • Enough storage capacity
  • LCD display provided
  • Automatic shut off system provided
  • Quick drying feature

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Now, that you have seen the reviews you will surely be able to make a better choice and buy the bottle sterilizer and dryer as per your needs and affordability. Your family will never come across the health risks if you sterilize the item before use. Make sure when you buy the bottle sterilizer you read what all items can be sterilized in it. Choose the one which is having better features, large capacity and fits your needs. Do not simply pick up any bottle sterilizer that you see in the store.