3 Best Playpen for Toddlers

As much as I wanted to, it’s impossible to keep your eyes on your toddler 24/7. It is not even possible to take a shower peacefully or make a delicious dinner, for that matter, it is not possible to do any other daily chores when your toddler is crawling every corner of your house. That is why many people today are finding this playpen as a better solution to keep your toddler safe and also to do their chores peacefully.

You can place the playpen close to your so that you can as well keep an eye on them and also do your cooking or any other chore peacefully. Your toddler will be happy playing in the playpen if you give them a toy or something to play.

Playpen is an enclosed area where your little ones can play safely. You can keep your baby in the enclosed area and give them their favorite toy so that they can have a play where they can safely play without disturbing you and also you don’t need to keep constant supervision when you are doing other important stuff. However, you should always keep an eye, and never leave your baby unattended for a longer period. A playpen is a perfect option and it allows you to take a small break or do your chores like cooking, bathing, etc, around the house.

Playpen or play yards are normally self-reliant units that are available in plastic, metal frames, or wood, and comes with mesh sides and own center floor. Also, most of these playpens are easy to fold and easy to take with you when you are traveling.

The ideal time to use playpen is when your baby starts crawling that will be around six to seven months. It is always good to start using the playpen before they start moving around everywhere in the house.

1. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Evenflo Versatile Play Space is one of the designed playpens that can be used for both outdoor and indoor play area. This flexible play space provides around 18.5sqft of enclosed area that allows your toddler to plays safely. Its unique reversible legs contain outdoor stake that makes the playpen stable even when you place in on the lawn. Also, it comes with anti-movement non-scratch pads that keep the play space stable on the floor.

The Evenflo Versatile is easy to fold and easy to set up as it designed with unique hinge-design. This 28-inch tall play space offers plenty play area and safe for the baby to play. It is easy to assemble the playpen as you don’t need any tools. Also, it offers 2-piece expansion panel packs that you can get separately so whenever you want to expand the playpen you can use the panels.

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor and the baby can have complete fun playtime, also perfect for pets too. It comes with exclusive features, including 6-interlocking weather and UV resistant panels attached to make the play space enclose and safe. Affordable Price, High-quality hinges, Offers 5sqft play area, and Easy to fold and easy to carry around.

Product Highlights:

  • Reversible Legs
  • Indoor & Outdoor Versatility
  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • Exclusive Hinge Design
  • No tools required
  • Spacious
  • Two-Panel Extension available separately

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2. North States Superyard Playard

North States Superyard is one of the play yards that comes with a high-quality 8-panel-colorplay. This play yard offers the enclosed area up to 34.45sqft and 26-inches height. It is an outstanding solution as it offers a safe play area for babies and you can use it for indoor or outdoor. It comes with non-slip pads so that you can place it on any surface even on hardwood floors as it will not scratch the floor. The play yard can withstand any kind of weather as it is designed for outdoor safe as well.

It is easy to assemble and allows you to unfold each panel as it contains self-locking placing feature. This additional feature gives extra stability and strength to the play yard.

This 8-panel colorplay includes a suitable carry handle that makes this north State Superyard easy to take wherever you go. The skid-resistant pads make it easy to use indoors, and it is an ideal choice for the children from six to twenty-four months of age. Good choice for pets as well. Large play of 34.45sqft, Good Quality Pads perfect for wooden floors, and Easy-to-assemble.

Product Highlights:

  • Safe Design
  • Expandable Design
  • Configurable
  • 2-panel extension
  • Large play area

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3. Regalo 192-Inch Super Play Yard

Regalo Super Play Yard comes with a wide adjustable gate that comes with 192-inches wide area and 28-inches tall. The play yard allows you to convert a wide gate into an eight-panel play area and each panel can be easily adjusted to fit any gap. The Regalo play yard is a perfect option for angled openings, doorways, wide spaces, the bottom of stairs, and hallways. Also, it is easy to assemble and no tools needed, easy to fold as well.

The panels attached to hinged posts offers different kinds of shaping possibilities. It allows you to expand 192inch and offers 8-panel-shaped play yard. It is made with a simple design and contains top-quality and safety locking features. You can easily mount the play yard with a walk-through door and a suitable gate features. The door contains a double lock knob so that adult can easily go inside the play yard. Regalo Super Play Yard is a perfect as a fireplace barrier, play yard, at the stairs, or a wide opening super gate. Suitable for most openings, Huge play area, Durable and reliable steel frame, and Easy-to-fold and easy-to-assemble.

Product Highlights:

  • 2-inch wall mounting brackets
  • Contains 24-inch panels that can fit openings up to 192-inch
  • 28-inch tall
  • Suitable walk-through design
  • Simple lock release lever
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Designed to use for multiple purposes
  • Strong metal frame
  • Suitable for children from 6 to 24 months

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Are Playpens Safe for Toddlers?

Many parents feel that a playpen is a convenient way to allow their baby to play in one place where they are safe and also the parents can keep an eye on them while attending other chores at home. Currently, you can find various types of playpens and they can be folded easily and place it in any room. It is also useful when you want to leave your baby unsupervised for short time like when you have to take bath, etc. Also, some consider that it is a suitable place for an irregular nap but don’t make it a regular place for a nap.


Playpen allows your kid to have fun play time in the confined area and also helps you to do your chores without any disturbance. All these above-mentioned playpens are safe and durable for your baby to play with their favorite toys safely.