5 Best Baby Jumpers

Baby jumpers are the perfect option for babies who are quite small and still learning to stand or walk on their own. Also, these jumpers are for active babies who make their parent tired easily when they hold the baby. Today’s parents are getting more anxiety about their child’s happiness and learning skills, and baby jumpers are the perfect option that they could find when their children are small so that they can learn through activities and also have fun.

Baby Jumpers offer activities that are fun for the baby and at the same time, it will help the baby develop muscle power in their legs and play with their legs according to the music. The baby jumpers are the essential product that has a baby seat attached to a steady object. Put your baby in the seat, and the babies are smart enough to use their tiny legs to bounce and push themselves off the ground. The baby will feel very happy when bouncing up and down and this movement can also strengthen their legs and help them walk quickly and easily.

Some of these baby jumpers are designed with special accessories that will keep the babies busy while jumping up and down. Here you can find some of affordable baby jumpers so that you can choose baby jumper for your needs. The major thing that you should consider before buying a jumper is the material. Because the durability of the jumper is important only then look for the entertaining and learning features.

The jumper that has more activities, then the more the baby will learn and enjoy. The next step, you should consider is the theme of the toys included in the jumper. The sounds, music, lights, and color of the also important as it attracts the baby and the baby feel happy and exciting when they hear the sound or lights, and also they get attracted to the colors of the jumpers as well. When you are planning to buy a jumper, you have to look all these qualities in the jumper for better use.

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisher-Price promotes security and comfort and the seat is very comfortable for a baby to sit and play. Two soft and smooth leaves expanded from the frame to make an aerial canopy with soft toys. The Jumperoo also features a 360degree rotating seat and covers the spring with covers to avoid pinching on baby’s little fingers. Also, the jumper offers 3-position height adjustment so that you can adjust the height as your baby grows.

Everything that your baby likes to play is found in this Fisher-Price Jumperoo Jumper; the newly designed frame allows you to open it from the top and allows the baby to interact from all sides with its 360-degree rotating seat. The toys are placed at five different locations on the panel that can engage baby in all directions. The electronic toy offers music and lights when the baby spins the drum.

Product Highlights:

  • Weight – 17pounds
  • Polyester
  • Three “AA” batteries needed
  • Recommended weight 25pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Famous Style” Rainforest Jumperoo Laugh’n learn
  • 10min of musical play
  • Only spot clean
  • Three different height adjustable
  • Springs are enclosed with soft covers
  • Interactive Toys
  • Musical Lights

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2. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Jumper is designed with a protected support seat and included padding and height to offer extra comfort for baby. The seat rotates complete 360-degrees that give the baby to have a complete access to toys. The jumper includes four fun activity stations, including, a piano that turn on classical melodies, lights, and language learning in French, Spanish, and English.

It is perfect for both girl and boy babies, and it comes with 5-height adjustable settings that allow you to adjust as per your baby grows. The seat pad can be removed easily and it is a machine washable, you can remove the seat easily, and use a wet cloth to wipe the frame.

Product Highlights:

  • Unisex
  • Recommended Weight: 15 to 25 pounds
  • Batteries; 3 “AA” batteries
  • Dimensions of the jumper 33 x 30.5 x29 inches
  • 20-hours maximum battery life
  • 5 adjustable height settings
  • 360-degrees rotation of the seat
  • Fun & Learning Activity Stations
  • Classical Melodies
  • Includes piano that activates lights
  • Language learning in French, English, and Spanish

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3. Jolly Jumper – Baby Exerciser

Jolly Jumper is a stand for rockers and jumper and it is easy to carry around. The stand folds flat easily for quick storage. The Jolly jumper improves balance and increases rhythm, coordination and supports muscles. The baby enjoys while bouncing up and down in the Jolly Jumper as it gives complete movement and freedom to the baby. Baby will enjoy while increasing rhythm, strengthening muscles, coordination, and improving balance.

This Jumper model contains a portable frame ideal for the homes that do not contain door frames. It is easy to fold and store. The jumper contains a spring action that is perfectly suitable for the active baby who loves to bounce more and have fun. The saddle seat is firmly designed to support baby’s spine and it offers upright posture while the baby jumping up and down.

The Jolly Jumper is designed for three months old babies (the baby should be able to hold his/her head up with complete neck support) to the babies who are just learning to walk. The frame is about 52-inch height and contains a floor footprint of 50 x 43 inches.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy-to-set-up, it takes just a couple of minutes and no tools needed
  • Maximum weight: 28pounds
  • Portable stand easy to fold and easy to store
  • Enhances balance and helps increase the rhythm
  • High-quality frame with strong support for baby’s spine
  • Strengthens muscles and develops coordination
  • Early fitness and fun for babies

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4. Disney Baby Activity Jumper

Disney Baby Jumper is a new and enhanced Baby Activity Jumper comes with a super stand, which allows ultimate bouncing experience through the main raw stock and the stand folds flat to store when you are not using the jumper.

You can use this Disney Baby jumper for indoor purpose as well as outdoor purpose with the super bracket. The jumper enhances balance, develops rhythm, strengthens muscles, and improves coordination. The chair offers the perfect fit for your baby as it has similar features like magical back or weightlifter strap. The Activity Jumper is a big and trusted brand that offers top-quality products. This jumper is suitable for six months plus age babies and can hold weight up to 28pounds.

Product Highlights:

  • The Minnie Mouse Jumper offers more than 12 engaging activities and toys
  • 360-degree Seat Rotation
  • Maximum Weight: 28pounds
  • Fabric can be removed easily and it is easy to wash as well
  • Electronic play station offers sounds and lights and two volume options to keep baby happy
  • The Fun toy includes a heart shaped mirror, a spinning ball with beautiful and colorful beads, Minnie Mouse bead-chaser toy, and demonstrative leaf stalk.
  • Four easy-to-adjust height position
  • Offers ultra rebound with premium spring action

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5. Evenflo ExerSaucer and Jumper

Evenflo ExerSaucer is a Jump & Learn Jumper that offers complete fun to a baby and secure learn to a baby with an amazing play environment. The Jumper comes with a fifty-eight learning activity that helps the active babies reach crucial developmental milestones. The bounce base of the jumper offers soft landing pads that support the baby and promotes early development.

The Jumper offers physical exercise to develop baby’s back, neck, and leg muscles and enhances motor skills. The jumper is for both boys and girls and it comes with toys that are designed for modifiable learn & play experience. The Evenflo ExerSaucer offer parents a stable and safe environment for their children to learn, jump and play. It comes with age-appropriate toys with the support of CDI to assist baby to obtain important enriching milestones.

Product Highlights:

  • Plastic
  • Provides baby with protected learn and play environment
  • Physical practice to improve baby’s legs, neck, and back muscles and improves motor skills
  • Offers a three-position height adjustment options.

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Is a baby jumper good for the baby’s development?

The baby jumpers are the most advanced creation that is very convenient for today’s busy lifestyle of the parents. It actually helps the child develop their ability, and most of these jumpers offer interesting and creative themes that help the babies learn things naturally. These jumpers integrate a lot of learning components that can help the child have fun and at the same time they start learning various things and recognize different shapes and colors.

The bouncer or jumpers can help the babies learn more than one single language; they learn music and several other interesting things. Moving and jumping helps to provide proper exercise to neck, legs, and back development. So, it clearly proves that the jumper is more than good enough for a baby’s development.

What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Jumper

Before buying a baby jumper, you should consider few important things and also understand few vital things when comparing products. There is nothing more beautiful than your baby’s laughter, the baby loved to bounce up and down in the jumper. The baby enjoys the movement and it loves the feeling of their body going up and down. You can find various types of baby jumpers in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the perfect one for your baby. That is why it is also important to know the purpose and the benefits of the baby jumper before buying one.

What is the purpose of a baby jumper? As you all know that a baby jumper is learn & fun activity that allows your baby to jump up and down and strengthen their little leg muscles. The baby jumpers come with a seat fixed to an elastic strap. The baby uses its toes to push the body while sitting on the seat. This up and down movement makes the baby very happy.

Benefits of Baby Jumper

Baby Jumper is a useful type of toys that offer multiple advancing benefits for the baby. The baby jumper not only helps the baby strengthen the muscles but also helps them walk and learn things quickly as they feature several learning activity toys on the panel.

As a parent, you all know that the active baby sleeps happily at night and also keeps the parent’s hands full when he/she is awake. The baby jumper is the better solution to keep the active baby busy. The baby jumpers are very helpful when it comes to develop strong leg muscles and strengthen the spine and neck of the baby. The jumpers play a big role in improving muscle strength and hip, but at the same time using it for a longer time may put a lot of pressure on certain muscles groups, so it is suggested to use it in moderation.

It helps the baby to improve its pre-walking skills. However, the baby jumper is not a walking product, but it can improve motor skills of a baby, and the doorway jumpers can help the baby to improve their lower limbs to enhance performance and learn to stand straight. The baby jumpers help the baby learn to stand and balance. The safety and comfortable jumpers help your baby to jump comfortably.

What Age can a Baby Jumper be used?

It is important to put your baby only when the baby is able to support its head without anybody’s help. Most of these manufacturers put a minimum age, height, and weight limit on their baby jumpers.

Baby Size and Age: Most of these baby jumpers are premeditated to hold baby’s in a certain age and weight range. You must follow few rules before you use a jumper for your baby.

If the baby holds its head straight without your assistance, then they are eligible to use a jumper and enjoy the benefits. If your baby is already walking, then the jumper is not suitable for the baby.

If your baby is able to hold its head and learning to walk, then the baby is eligible to use the Jumper. Also, you should consider the weight of the baby before buying the jumper. It is advisable to choose the jumper that is in a perfect size, which means it is not too big or too small to use.

What are the functions of a Baby Jumper?

The baby jumper is a fun activity that permits your baby to utilize his/her muscles still in development stage. For most of these jumpers, the seat is attached to the stand with elastic strap. The baby can sit comfortably on the seat and uses its little toes to push off the ground. The up and down movements make your baby happy and active.

Baby Jumpers Alternative Names including:

  • Jumperoo
  • Johnny Jumper
  • ExerSaucer

All these are the alternative names that are used for a jumper, whatever the name it is, it still provides same features and allows your baby love bouncing up and down.

What to look for in the baby jumper

The baby jumpers offer a lot of amazing features, and it provides different toys and musical toys to keep the baby busy. The other important features that you should look for in the baby jumper include:

  • Toy center
  • Portability
  • Lights and Music

Types of Baby Jumper

There are different types of jumpers available for babies in the market. Get the jumper according to your baby’s need and preferences that can help you find the jumpers with those options so you can avoid looking each and every product review before buying a jumper for your baby.

  • Stationary Jumper: A stationary jumper contains a seat that is attached to the sand with elastic straps. This jumper allows the baby to jump up and down, but it does not include any additional toys to play.
  • Stationary Activity Jumper: The stationary activity jumper contains a frame, seat, and a try with full of toys and the toy tray is attached to the jumper. The toys are all age-appropriate toys and the babies will have fun playing with toys while jumping up and down in the jumper.
  • Doorway Jumpers: The Doorway jumpers do not include any activity toys. The seat is fixed to the stand with elastic straps. The end of the strap is connected to the door frame. The doorway jumpers are not very popular like stationary activity jumpers as they are not easy to carry around from one room to another.

Finding the baby jumper is a difficult task as there is a wide range of jumpers available in the market and also each model comes with different characteristics that you need to consider when planning to buy a jumper for your baby.

Weight limit: Baby Jumpers recommended weight limit will differ from one model to another. Make sure to buy a jumper that is perfect for your baby’s weight. Also, make sure to find the durable material, otherwise, the elastic straps may break and it may cause injuries to the baby.

Seat: Seats also vary from one jumper model to another, but, you have to look for standard features, including:

  • Seats that come with height adjustment options
  • Easy-to-remove and easy-to-wash
  • Look for padded seats for the comfort of your baby

Suspenders: The other important thing that you must take care is the suspenders that are attached to the seat. Check if it is attached to the only single elastic strap, and if it is single, then avoid buying that jumper as it can cause injury. Only look for the jumper with two or more elastic suspenders so that your baby can enjoy the bounces.

Adjustability: Find the jumpers with seat height adjustability option as it allows you to adjust the height of the seat as your baby grows.

Storage: Make sure to get a jumper that is easy-to-fold and easy-to-store when you are not using the jumper.

How long should the baby be in a jumper?

Not more than twenty minutes. Though your baby loves to jump, it is advisable not to put for a longer time. You can also ask your pediatrician for better advice.


Finding the baby jumper is always helpful for the safety of your baby. Many people feel that baby jumpers are not safe, but, when you do good research and find the popular and durable brand than nothing else makes your baby happy then a jolly jumper. Make sure to check the reviews of each product before buying the baby jumper.